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Breast Health Program

Finding a breast lump can be a frightening experience for any woman. But if this happens to you, there are two things you must remember:

  1. Eight out of ten breast lumps are found to be non-cancerous, but do not ignore a change in your breast. The best advice is to talk to your health care provider.
  2. There are resources available right here in the Lakes Region to help you deal with any breast health challenges you may face.

At LRGHealthcare, we are committed to providing the best breast health services to women in our area. We are dedicated to providing support and education to women of all ages, and at all stages of life, and we encourage women to become active participants in managing their own breast health. For these reasons, we created the LRGHealthcare Breast Health Program.

The Breast Health Program offers:

  • A Breast Health Specialist
  • Educational materials for the patient and her family
  • A library of books and videos on issues related to breast health and breast cancer
  • A nurse to answer questions and offer support to patients and family members
  • Education regarding breast self-exam, and guidelines to ensure early detection of breast cancer
  • Information and support on issues surrounding breast disease, breast cancer, treatment, and recovery

The Breast Health Program was created to provide information and education free-of-charge in a supportive environment with dignity and confidentiality. The Program's goal is to help you feel informed and in control of your own breast health. Our Breast Health Specialist is here to provide you with facts-not opinions or treatment advice. Our staff works in close collaboration with your primary care provider and other caregivers, and will help you navigate the full range of breast health services available at LRGHealthcare.

Contact Us

If you have a question about Breast Health Program services, or about your own breast health, please visit our Breast Health FAQ, or contact our Breast Health Nurse at or (603) 527-2940.

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