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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is a diagnostic imaging technology that provides detailed scans of organ structures in the body, and physiology of the body's organs and metabolic functions.

Some of the uses for nuclear medicine procedures include:

  • Diagnosing skeletal fractures or trauma, bone infections, and primary or metastatic bone cancer;
  • Diagnosing cardiac, lung, kidney, bladder, or gastrointestinal disease;
  • Diagnosing and assessing disorders of the thyroid or adrenal glands;
  • Diagnosing, staging, and restaging many types of cancer;
  • Localizing sentinel nodes in breast or melanoma cancer patients;
  • Providing pain relief for metastatic bone disease patients and others;
  • Radiotherapy for the treatment of hyperthyroidism and specific types of cancer.

LRGHealthcare's Nuclear Medicine Department is also home to our Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner. Pet scans are the gold standard in technology for diagnosing, staging, and restaging of many types of cancer. PET scans can be done on just a specific organ in the body, such as the brain, or the entire body. Our Department is staffed by highly trained nuclear medicine technologists, certified by the Nuclear Medicine Technologist Certification Board and/or the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

For more information about LRGHealthcare's Nuclear Medicine program and procedures, please call 524-3211 ext. 3277.