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Medical Imaging Services

Welcome to Medical Imaging Services or otherwise known as the Department of Radiology at LRGHealthcare.

We offer full range of medical imaging services at Lakes Region General Hospital (LRGH), Franklin Regional Hospital (FRH) and the Laconia Clinic. We also offer radiology services at Interlakes Medical Center in Meredith. In addition to women's imaging services such as mammography and stereotactic biopsy procedures, we also offer services including:

Our mission is to provide every patient with timely access to the most sophisticated medical imaging technology, in a compassionate and professional setting. If you are scheduled for medical imaging testing or procedure, save time by pre-registering; LRGH call 527-2990, FRH call 737-6724 or Interlakes Medical Center call 737-6765.

LRGHealthcare also offers a full-service Nuclear Medicine Department at our Laconia campus. We are one of the first healthcare organizations in the state to provide Positron Emission Tomography Scanning (PET Scanning), a nuclear medicine tool that is the gold standard in technology for the detection and staging of cancers.


Unlike radiology procedures, Ultrasound studies do not utilize radiation to produce images. Sound waves are used similar to Sonar t o produce images of the soft tissue of the body. This type of exam is very useful in pregnancy to view the fetus and the growth of the fetus. Ultrasound is also used to detect abnormalities of the liver, gall bladder, major vessels, and small parts of the body.

Bone Density Testing

This procedure is performed to evaluate patients risk for osteoporosis. The equipment uses x-ray to image and gives the radiologist a graph and score on a patient, which assist the PCP in the diagnosis of Osteoporosis.

Computerized Axial Tomography (CT Scanning)

Unlike other traditional x-ray technology, Computerized Axial Tomography (commonly known as CT Scanning) is particularly useful because it can provide images of soft tissue such as organs and fat. It can be used to detect size and location of tumors, blood vessel abnormalities, and blood clots.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an exam used to detect brain tumors, strokes, and certain chronic disorders of the nervous system such as multiple sclerosis. It is also used to document brain abnormalities in patients with dementia, and it can detect tissue abnormality in patients with disease of the eyes or the inner ear. It is also used in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors, knee and shoulder injuries, musculoskeletal malformations, and blood vessel disorders.

Please keep in mind: Physician referrals are generally required for insurance coverage of medical imaging services. Please call your doctor's office for a referral, and they can assist you in scheduling an appointment at the LRGHealthcare Women's Imaging Center or Medical Imaging Department.

If you have questions about the services offered by LRGHealthcare's Medical Imaging Department, please feel free to give us a call at (603) 527-2899.

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