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History of the LRGH Nursery Guild

The LRGH Nursery Guild was originally named the Baby Band. Hospital Bands were founded in the early 1900’s, and supported many aspects of the hospital with charitable events and volunteerism. The Baby Band supported the Laconia hospital, as well as other area maternity facilities until 1949.

In the mid 50’s a group of women, all giving birth around the same time changed the face of the Baby Band. They held monthly meetings, and invited physicians and nurses to share their experiences and needs of the patients and hospital. As the group increased their knowledge and more women gave birth, the Baby Band continued to grow. In 1966, the Baby Band held their first fundraiser and purchased a beautiful new rocking chair for the maternity ward. Forty two years later that same rocking chair is still being used to rock newborns.

In 1974, the Baby Band changed their name to the LRGH Nursery Guild, and today, the LRGH Nursery Guild is an integral part of LRGHealthcare and continues to provide vital support for women’s & children’s health initiatives in the Lakes & Three Rivers regions.