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Why is Our Staff Asking You for Photo Identification?


To protect you—medically and financially.

Medical Identity Theft is a growing problem across the nation. To address this issue, the Federal Government recently issued regulations that require health care providers to put added measures in place to help prevent medical identity theft. Asking for your photo identification is part of that effort.

If someone were to use your medical identity, the information entered into your medical record could pose a risk for you when you receive future medical services. It is very important that your medical record only contain information about the services you receive. Medical identity theft can also lead to false financial claims against you or your insurer.

To protect your medical safety, and to protect you from fraud, we are now asking every patient to present their photo identification at check-in for hospital or physician practice services.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

If you believe you have experienced medical identity theft, please ask to review and make necessary corrections to your medical record. We have a response program to help our patients Please call our Privacy Officer at (603) 528-2838 or our Compliance Officer at (603) 527-7139.

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