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Reshaping to Meet Community Healthcare Needs

LACONA, NH - The transformation of our nation’s health care system requires LRGHealthcare's ongoing adaptation to ensure the provision of safe and effective patient care while remaining fiscally responsible.
To guide LRGHealthcare's decision-making in this uncertain environment, the organization conducted a community health needs assessment in 2014, adopted an implementation plan in 2015 and recently concluded a comprehensive Strategic Plan.
Based on this work, LRGHealthcare Interim President and CEO, Chuck Van Sluyter announced today that LRGHealthcare leadership has begun to reshape the workforce to reflect the continuum of health care services we will provide. An important part of this focus has been to adjust the skill mix of the workforce to meet the changing needs for services.  In this regard, 22 positions have been eliminated while some other new job titles have been or will be created to meet the changing needs. LRGHealthcare is currently recruiting to fill more than 60 positions.  In actuality, LRGHealthcare has about the same number of positions as we did for our Fiscal Year ending September 2014.
We understand that these adjustments in the workforce create uneasiness.  We are confident that they are in the best long-term interest of our patients and the communities we serve.  We ask for your understanding as we, like so many other health care organizations, work through this transformation, much like other sectors of the economy have had to.  We assure you that these decisions are being made thoughtfully.
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