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LRGHealthcare Announces Staff Reduction


LACONIA, NH – In response to the ongoing changes in healthcare throughout the country and subsequent financial challenges, LRGHealthcare announced today that they have implemented a reduction in staff.

LRGHealthcare has been compelled to review its operations to meet the shifting emphasis from hospital admissions to outpatient care, and value based population health changes in the market brought about by the Affordable Care Act. Elements of the new law and market forces are reducing reimbursement levels to hospitals to deliver quality care more efficiently while reducing hospital admissions.

“With increased patient volumes coupled with higher costs, and generally lower reimbursements than we historically received, our challenge is to staff our campuses in line with these changes,” said LRGHealthcare President and CEO, Seth Warren.

The staff reductions announced today will affect approximately 58 people, which is less than 4% of the hospital’s workforce. That being said, any reduction of employees is not taken lightly. We are altering people’s lives and for that we are truly sorry.

LRGHealthcare Human Resources will work closely with all staff affected by the reductions in connecting them with outreach support from NH Employment Security and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as well as reviewing current openings within LRGHealthcare for potential placement.

“These staff reductions are among several initiatives we have undertaken, such as streamlining patient flow and coordinating care throughout our system, to deliver better outcomes and improve patient satisfaction,” Warren said.

Some other initiatives include:

Earlier this year, LRGHealthcare partnered with Speare Memorial Hospital in the implementation and purchase of the Cerner Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Slated to go live later this year, the EMR will further transform the way care is delivered.

“The Electronic Health Record helps us in terms of continuity of care,” states LRGHealthcare President & CEO, Seth Warren. “People can be accessing the record simultaneously in different departments now where before there was the one paper chart. By transitioning system-wide services from paper to computer, we have the ability to transform the way we deliver care within the communities we serve.”

LRGHealthcare since 2011 has been a partner of Granite Health, an alliance among LRGHealthcare, Concord Hospital, Wentworth Douglass Hospital, Southern NH Health System, and Catholic Medical Center, which creates opportunity to gain scale to better negotiate costs and improve quality.

LRGHealthcare has continued to align itself with area physicians and other community providers committed to delivering quality care.

“It is important for LRGHealthcare to do well financially in order to do good for the communities we serve and this is part of an ongoing process,” Warren said. “By streamlining patient flow, coordinating care within our system, and maintaining staff levels that reflect our patient volumes, we will accomplish just that.”

LRGHealthcare is a not-for-profit healthcare charitable trust representing Lakes Region General Hospital, Franklin Regional Hospital, and affiliated medical providers. LRGHealthcare’s mission is to provide quality, compassionate care and to strengthen the well-being of our community.

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