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LACONIA, NH – LRGHealthcare recently held a ceremonial groundbreaking for construction that has started on their Emergency Care ReimaginED renovation at Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia. Hospital Trustees, management, providers, architects/builders, and community members attended the celebration.
Completely funded with personal donations from community members, this $7.5 million dollar project will serve to renovate the Emergency Department at LRGH to current standards while reorganizing the department to streamline patient flow, resulting in increased efficiency and an even better patient care experience. 
“One of the busiest in the State of New Hampshire, the Emergency Department in Laconia handles around 25,000 patients a year and does a really great job,” states LRGHealthcare Executive Director of Philanthropy, Brian Winslow. “Very generous donors stepped up to fund this effort because they know how important the Emergency Department is to LRGHealthcare and to our community.”
Referring to it as the “True Front Door to LRGHealthcare” President & CEO, Kevin Donovan thanked our generous donors and discussed the emergency department renovations and how they were “bringing the facility on par with the level of quality, compassionate care provided.”  The renovation to the Emergency Department has already launched with upgrades to the behavioral health patient area.
Key benefits of the overall renovation will include:
  • Better Patient Flow … when entering the ED, patients will immediately access an open, more welcoming registration and triage area where staff will quickly determine the necessary level of care. Patients will then progress through the ED to appropriate functional areas based on their needs.  
  • Increased Capacity for Faster, Flexible Care. The ED will host 21 private treatment spaces updated to contemporary standards and designed for maximum versatility and utilization to create greater efficiencies. Traditional treatment rooms will be universally designed — consistent in size, configuration and equipment — to accommodate the needs of most patients. These rooms are geographically zoned into what we refer to as “pods.”  There are three pods, each with their own nurse’s station and waiting room. Each pod has a purpose. The green pod contains registration and triage for the entire ED. The blue pod is available to handle increased volume in the ED.  On the other side of the green pod is the “Rapid Treatment Unit.” This pod is designated to handle the less serious cases and is designed to help prevent long wait times for individuals who can be treated quickly.
  • Greater Security for Patients and Staff: Currently, the ED is generally open to most foot traffic in and out of the ED area. In its current state, individuals who are in the ED could make their way to anywhere in the hospital whether that is to patient rooms or support staff offices. Public foot traffic can also cause hallway congestion presenting challenges for ED staff to get their patients where they need to go in a private manner. The new ED will be set up to reroute foot traffic and build a perimeter that can be secured. 
  • Improved Infection Control Standards: LRGHealthcare already receives high marks in the state of NH for infection control standards, but we can and should always improve.  The new ED will see the addition of a negative pressure room and bring the number of single patient exam rooms up to twenty-one.  It will also include an update to our decontamination room to conform to current standards. 
    The Emergency Department staff at LRGHealthcare has been very involved in the planning of this renovation, working closely with the architects/builders to ensure patient and staff needs will be met. They have been very thoughtful in mapping out the phases of this project, and are working hard to make sure interruption to patient care is kept to a minimum during construction which is projected to be complete in 2020.
    If you are interested in learning more about the Emergency Care ReimaginED project, you may contact the LRGHealthcare Philanthropy Department at 603-737-1042.
    LRGHealthcare is a not-for-profit healthcare charitable trust representing Lakes Region General Hospital, Franklin Regional Hospital, and affiliated medical providers. LRGHealthcare’s mission is to provide quality, compassionate care and to strengthen the well-being of our community.

    Photo Caption: LRGHealthcare Board of Trustees, management, providers, project partners and community members gathered on September 27th to mark the groundbreaking for LRGHealthcare’s ReimaginED renovation of the Emergency Department at Lakes Region General Hospital.
    Pictured (left to right): DiGiorgio Associates Inc./Monitor Builders Inc., LiRo Group Companies representatives Paul Young and Steve Kovacs; LRGHealthcare Executive Director of Philanthropy Brian Winslow; LRGHealthcare Chief Nursing Officer Theresa Champagne, RN, DNP,CNOR; LRGHealthcare Vice President of Clinical Services Marge Kerns; LRGHealthcare General Counsel Mitchell Jean, Esq.; LRGHealthcare Chief Medical Officer Fred Jones, MD; Bank of New Hampshire President & CEO Paul Falvey; LRGHealthcare Board of Trustees Member & Recovery Clinic provider Paul Racicot, MD: Barbara Daniell; LRGHealthcare President & CEO Kevin Donovan; and Lakes Region General Hospital Auxiliary President Nancy Paterno.
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