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Hydraulic Lift Purchased for the Laconia Fire Department


LACONIA, NH –  It was just three months ago when Laconia Fire Chief, Kenneth Erickson approached LRGHealthcare President & CEO, Tom Clairmont about the possibility of the hospital making a substantial purchase for the Laconia Fire Department.  After hearing about the hydraulic lift the chief hoped to purchase for their primary ambulance and all the benefits that came with it, Clairmont was quickly sold.
At a cost of $11,000, LRGHealthcare happily showed its support for the Laconia Fire Department and purchased the hydraulic lift which was recently installed.  Manufactured in California, the lift has the ability to lift the stretcher and a patient from ground level to the ambulance at a weight capacity of 1,100 pounds.  The lift also collapses and slides in between the chassis rails making it easily accessible for the EMTs.
Not only does the lift provide more stability and safety for larger patients, but it’s a great benefit for the EMTs as well.  “This will save a lot of backs,” stated Deputy Fire Chief, Shawn Riley.  Many injuries have occurred to EMTs when attempting to lift a larger patient into the ambulance and it’s made for high costs for the Fire Department to treat them.  The hydraulic lift eliminates the cause of those injuries. 
LRGHealthcare and Laconia Fire Department have had a long standing relationship working together to keep Laconia safe.  “Once again, we appreciate the outstanding support of LRGH,” Laconia Fire Chief, Kenneth Erickson commented.  “They continually go above and beyond in this partnership.”
LRGHealthcare President & CEO, Tom Clairmont said, “These guys are on the front line every day.  So, if we can make their job a little safer, it’s the right thing to do.”
Laconia Fire Department is currently the only Fire Department north of Boston to have this valuable piece of equipment.

Representatives from Laconia Fire Department and LRGHealthcare come together to demonstrate the new hydraulic lift purchased to aid in the transport of ambulance patients.  From left to right:  LRGHealthcare President & CEO, Tom Clairmont; LFD Fire Chief, Kenneth Ericson; LRGH Emergency Services Coordinator, Kendra Peaslee; LFD Deputy Fire Chief, Shawn Riley; EMT, Trevor Greene; EMT, JP Hobby.


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