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What staff say about working at LRGHealthcare ...

Dr. Carolyn CrosbyDr. Carolyn Crosby
Primary Care Provider, Belknap Family Health, Meredith

“I love family medicine because of the longitudinal relationships I get to form with patients.

Many of the patients I see now have known me since I was a kid growing up here, and many were patients of my Dad before me. I am honored to be in such a trusted position, knowing that people turn to me in both good and bad times—it is tremendously rewarding. Now, I’m excited to be involved in the new palliative care program at LRGH as part of the consultative team working together to assist staff and physicians providing symptom relief and end-of-life care.

So often in our society, we provide treatment because it is available. At some point, quality of life may become more important than quantity of life—but for physicians, staff, and families, it can be difficult to step back and make that change in treatment. I’m looking forward to being part of the team that will enhance the care we provide to patients and families facing end-of-life issues.”

Virginia Witkin, RNVirginia Witkin, RN
Breast Health Program Coordinator

“The most rewarding part of my job is when I see people I helped through the evolution of a breast cancer diagnosis back out in the community. I see their strength, and I see how far they’ve come as survivors, and it gives me a great feeling to know that I might have, in some small way, contributed to that.”


Dr. Paul FriendDr. Paul Friend
Family Practice Physician, Westside Healthcare

“I enjoy working for LRGHealthcare because this organization has a good vision for what’s right for our community.

We have been on the forefront of quality initiatives and improvement, and that’s remarkable for a small rural health system. And the leadership really cares about all of the towns and the people we serve. Working for this organization, I don’t have to pay attention to a patient’s insurance coverage. Providing each and every patient with quality care is my only concern.”

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