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History & Future of LRGHealthcare

Lakes Region General Hospital

Laconia’s first hospital was founded in 1893 with a $6,175 bequeath from Rhoda Ladd’s estate. Recognizing the need for a hospital facility, the town of Laconia raised the additional funding needed, and opened the Cottage Hospital on Court Street. The goal was to provide quality care for those in need, regardless of their ability to pay. The hospital cared for 11 patients in the first year it was open.

Lakes Region General Hospital In 1908, it was clear that community need for the hospital had outgrown the Court Street location, and a new hospital was opened at the present site on Highland Street. The facility was renamed Laconia Hospital, and over the years, it grew to accommodate the needs of residents of Laconia and beyond. In 1967, as a reflection of the growing reach of the hospital’s care, the name was changed to Lakes Region General Hospital (LRGH).

Franklin Regional Hospital

In the early 1900’s residents of the neighboring community of Franklin also recognized the need for a hospital facility. The Ladies’ Hospital Aid Society was formed, with similar goals of providing the town with medical supplies and at-home nursing care.

Franklin Regional Hospital

After nine years of community service, they were offered the Aiken Homestead at a dramatically reduced price of $14,500, and the new Franklin Hospital Association was formed. Local resident Sally Proctor made a sizable bequest, and with that gift, along with support from other community members, Franklin Regional Hospital (FRH) was born. FRH opened its doors on New Year’s Day 1910.


In 2002, LRGH and FRH merged to become LRGHealthcare.

Today, LRGHealthcare is the parent company of LRGH, FRH, Affiliated Medical Providers, HealthLink, Community Wellness Centers in Laconia and Center Harbor, Occupational Health and Rehabilitation Services, the Dental Resource Center, the Holistic Health Center and several other community-based health initiatives.

This comprehensive health system is designed to respond to the changing health and wellness needs of the individuals and families of the Lakes and Three Rivers Region. Rhoda and Sally’s vision of more than 100 years ago remains at the heart of LRGHealthcare today: to provide quality, compassionate care and to strengthen the well-being of our community.

Investing in Your FutureInvesting in Your Future

Lakes Region General Hospital Patient Care Addition Opened in November, 2011

The patient care addition at the LRGH added Intensive and Progressive care Units, a new power plant, kitchen and cafeteria, along with a renovated and reconfigured lobby.

Not only does the addition help us to meet the critical care and general healthcare needs of our growing senior population, it also enables us the space needed to transition rooms throughout LRGH from semi-private to private rooms—today’s gold standard for patient privacy and infection control.

“We are proud to adopt an
‘All Private Room’ policy at LRGHealthcare.

Private rooms create an environment of quality, comfort and safety. It respects the patient’s right to privacy, while allowing loved ones to be more involved, which promotes a greater sense of well-being.

The renovation and revitalization projects are necessary for LRGHealthcare to continue to carry out its mission of providing quality healthcare to our community.”

Tom Clairmont, President & CEO

Adopting ‘All Private Rooms’ Philosophy

We are committed to enhancing and improving quality, safety
and comfort.

LRGHealthcare is committed to creating an environment that respects the patient’s right to privacy. The benefits of private rooms have been studied across the country and are well-documented. Private rooms allow patients to have confidential medical discussions with their physician and caregivers, as well as personal conversations with their families. Other benefits include improved infection control, lower incidence of slips and falls and fewer interruptions in sleep patterns.

Newly, renovated private rooms throughout Lakes Region General Hospital and Franklin Regional Hospital will promote a relaxing atmosphere and a pleasant patient experience by design.

Enhanced patient and staff safety standards will include; high to low beds, featuring adjustable controls, scale and alarms as needed, as well as a state-of-the-art patient lift systems, providing the safest and easiest way to move a patient from bed to bathroom.

The contemporary room design will offer a pleasant alternative to the traditional hospital room, with a flat panel television, family area, complete with extendable sleep sofa, and artwork designed to hide built in medical equipment, such as oxygen and suction, when not in use.

According to studies, the low-stress environment of a private patient room is very beneficial to patient healing; it is resulting in shorter hospital stays. The cost savings are actually realized through improved efficiencies, more effective communication and a decrease in the overall rate of infection.

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