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Public Health in our Community

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Today, people are looking at health in terms of public health: systemic efforts toward prevention, wellness initiatives, and management of chronic disease. Our focus goes well beyond doctors and hospitalswe need to make sure we have clean air to breathe, drinking water that is safe and healthy food to feed our population. We need to work on injury prevention, emergency preparedness for todays world, and managing chronic diseases that affect so many.

LRGHealthcares role in the community is no longer to serve as just a hospital. Our providers, employees, and Board members are engaged in public health efforts across the community and the State, working to address issues ranging from heart disease and childhood obesity to adequate housing, quality education, and regional economic development. Read more

To learn more about public health issues and efforts in our community and on a state level, please visit the following websites:

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For metrics and State and national health data regarding specific conditions, please visit: