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A pregnancy primer-test your knowledge with this quick quiz
1. What percentage of reproductive-age women will be pregnant after six months of unprotected intercourse?
2. Most experts say a healthy woman in the first trimester of a normal pregnancy should
 Stop exercising
 Start exercising
 Exercise moderately for at least 30 minutes on most, if not all, days
 Maintain her usual level of exercise so long as she does not encounter any problems
3. The time when a woman is most fertile usually begins how many days after her first day of menstrual bleeding?
4. Many experts recommend that women planning to become pregnant take this substance daily, either through their diet or in pill form, to reduce the incidence of spina bifida and related birth defects.
 Vitamin C
 Folic acid
5. What percentage of babies are born on their due dates?
6. What is the average weight gain experienced during pregnancy?
 20 pounds
 28 pounds
 38 pounds
 17 pounds
7. What percentage of American women ages 15 to 44 give birth each year?
8. Pregnancy generally is considered to last this long from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period:
 266 days
 270 days
 280 days
 290 days
9. What percentage of births in America are the result of planned pregnancies?
10. For every 100 female babies born in the United States, how many male babies are born?

The more you know about pregnancy, the better able you are to protect your health and the health of your child. That’s why a preconception office visit is recommended before a woman starts trying to become pregnant. This session enables your healthcare provider to review your medical history, answer your questions, provide any care that may be needed and offer guidance on issues related to conception, pregnancy and childbirth. If you’ve decided that you want to become pregnant in the months ahead, please call your healthcare provider and schedule an appointment for this valuable visit.

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