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Aiding research efforts

Scientists and researchers are constantly studying new methods of disease control and treatment. With conditions such as endometriosis, which modern therapies can relieve but not cure, treatment advances are especially welcome.

One way of testing a research finding is by performing a clinical trial, which involves people. Clinical trials try to answer questions about a new way to prevent, diagnose or treat a disease. Researchers try to find out how this new strategy, whether it’s a drug, a test or some other therapy, affects people.

Before a clinical trial takes place, the experimental strategy must show promise in animal studies. Only then are researchers permitted to study its effects on people.

Although there may be some risk involved in a clinical trial, participants receive high-quality care and are carefully monitored. If you think you would like to participate in a clinical trial, talk to your healthcare provider. Then try to learn as much as you can about the trial’s risks and benefits. By taking part in a clinical trial, you may not only help yourself but also allow others to benefit from a new treatment.

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