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Health Words quiz—26

Do you know what’s best for your body? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of health, nutrition and fitness.

1. Headaches that may also cause nausea, visual disturbances and sensitivity to light and sound are called:
 tension headaches
 cluster headaches
 sinus headaches
2. Chocolate milk has:
 more calcium than plain milk
 less calcium than plain milk
 the same amount of calcium as plain milk
 no calcium
3. If you have periodontitis, you may experience:
 tender gums
 tooth loss
 gaps between your teeth
 all of the above
4. At some point in their lives, back pain will affect this percentage of people:
5. One function of zinc is to help the:
 immune system work properly
 sensory functions of smell and taste
 body absorb calcium
 (a) and (b)

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