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Give your lungs a breather

Kick butt

Ready to finally give up those unhealthy cigarettes? Start with these tips:

  1. Set a date. It will help you prepare and stay motivated.
  2. Tell your friends. They’ll give you the moral support you need.
  3. Trash ’em. Get rid of all your cigarettes.
  4. Get help. Nicotine gums, patches, lozenges and sprays can double your chances of success.
  5. Link up. Support groups and telephone hotlines like 1-800-QUITNOW will help you through.
  6. Stay busy. Exercise and other activities keep your spirits up and your mind off smoking.
  7. Grab it. When your fingers get fidgety, a pen or a water bottle can substitute for a cigarette.
  8. Chew it. Toothpicks, carrot sticks or sugar-free gum distract your mouth when you crave a smoke.
  9. Change your routine. Avoid temptations. If you always light up after dinner, take a walk instead.
  10. Keep your eye on the prize. Staying focused on the rewards for you and your family will get you to the finish line.

Breast cancer may be the disease women fear most, but nearly twice as many die from lung cancer. In fact, lung cancer is the most deadly form of cancer for women. Luckily, you can dramatically reduce your risk.

First things first: If you’re a smoker, quit now. Smoking is the No. 1 cause of lung cancer, accounting for 80 percent of female lung cancer deaths. Need more incentive to quit?

  • Women ages 35 and older who smoke are 12 times more likely to die of lung cancer or other respiratory diseases than nonsmokers.
  • If you quit before age 50, you’re half as likely to die in the next 15 years as those who keep puffing away.
  • Even secondhand smoke increases lung cancer risk, so if you live with a smoker, help him or her quit—for everyone’s sake.

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