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Senior Quick Quiz—23

When it comes to your well-being, knowledge is power. Brush up before your next checkup. Answers appear below.

1. A loss of taste or smell can indicate:
 normal aging patterns
 Alzheimer’s disease
 Parkinson’s disease
 all of the above
2. When caring for dentures, you shouldn’t:
 soak them overnight
 use a harsh toothpaste
 rinse before putting them back in your mouth
 remove and rinse them after eating
3. Improve your memory by:
 eating healthy foods
 avoiding mentally challenging activities
 a and b
4. How much daily fiber should a healthy 60-year-old man get?
 30 grams
 35 grams
 38 grams
 28 grams
5. Age spots should checked out by a doctor if they are:
 flat and oval shaped
 brown or gray
 dark, an unusual combination of colors or have changed appearance
 accompanied by dry, rough skin

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