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Moms want to know …
How can I keep my child safe at the pool?

When you’re around water, keep your eyes on your kids constantly, as accidents can happen in an instant. Almost 1,000 children drown annually and a few thousand more visit emergency rooms for near-drowning. To keep your pint-sized swimmers safe:

  • Only allow swimming when lifeguards are present (or when an adult watches a backyard pool).
  • Keep your child within an arm’s length in the pool so you can grab him or her if necessary.
  • Remember that swimming lessons don’t make your child drown-proof.
  • Don’t let kids dive into water that’s too shallow.
  • Don’t depend on flotation devices to keep kids above water.
  • Remove all toys from the water after swimming, so kids aren’t tempted to lean over the pool to reach them later.

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