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Women’s HealthWise Quiz—9

Do you know what’s best for your body? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of health, nutrition and fitness.

Answers appear below.

Answers: 1.(c), 2.(d), 3.(c), 4.(a), 5.(d)

1. Which of the following actions will not prevent an E. coli infection?
 cooking hamburgers to at least 155° F
 washing hands with soap and water
 letting leftovers cool before refrigerating
 avoiding consumption of raw milk
2. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, what percentage of women’s foot deformities can be attributed to too-tight shoes?
3. The National Stroke Association recommends adults check their pulse twice a year for signs of atrial fibrillation—a very irregular heartbeat—because:
 many people have no symptoms and the condition could go untreated
 the condition could lead to the formation of blood clots, causing stroke
 both a and b
 none of the above
4. Which condition always automatically excludes you from donating blood?
 high blood pressure
5. Douching has been linked to:
 vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis
 pelvic inflammatory disease
 an increased ectopic pregnancy risk
 all of the above

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