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Take your workout on vacation
How to stay active while away from home

Plan an active trip

Trek the Swiss Alps; bike through Italy; shoot the rapids in the American Rockies; paddle through rivers, lakes and oceans; or look into these destinations:

  • National parks. Many are home to spectacular lodges and inns, with acres of country to roam.
  • Ski resorts. In the off-season, these mountain destinations offer hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, golf courses and more.

Relish this break from your usual routine. Use your free time to explore a new sport or finally take those lessons to improve your tennis or golf game. Your workouts can help you feel better and less guilty about dining out.

Vacations are supposed to be good for both body and soul. So along with all that planned rest and relaxation, allocate time to work in your workouts. Try some of these ways to stay active and fit while you’re vacationing:

  • Walk everywhere. Pack your sneakers and get a good map. Get to as many activities and destinations as you can on foot. Skip the sightseeing bus and sign up for a walking tour. Stroll to the restaurant for dinner; save the cab fare for the way home.
  • Book a sea cruise. Ocean liners can be floating playgrounds with gyms, pools, classes and jogging tracks. Some offer rock-climbing, ice-skating, dance classes and personal training.
  • Pick the right hotel. Book your stay at an inn with a pool, a fitness room, jogging trails, tennis courts, a golf course or at least stairs. Never use the elevator. No fitness room? Local health clubs and YMCAs sometimes welcome visitors for a small fee.
  • Pack your gear. A jump rope, resistance bands, a yoga mat or your favorite workout tape or DVD won’t take up much luggage space.
  • See the sights on pedal-power. Rent a bike and explore the countryside, ancient ruins, famous battlefields, parks and other places.
  • Check out nearby parks. Ask hotel staff to recommend a park for walking, jogging or paddling a rowboat.

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